Returning and Healing Toolkit

  • Dave Rini
  • Suri Roth-Katz

Boston Area Rape Crisis Center

Recommendations for Rape Crisis Centers working with sexual violence survivors coming home from incarceration

The Returning and Healing Toolkit is a roadmap to prepare mainstream rape crisis centers/sexual violence prevention agencies to serve the needs of formerly incarcerated survivors. It provides background information about incarceration and reentry, and a set of steps for agencies to take in order to be accessible for this population.


Sexual Trauma in the Returning Population and Talking About Sexual Violence

This curriculum is a two-part series for advocates that support reentering people successfully re-integrate into their communities after incarceration. The first module will help advocates understand the prevalence and impact of sexual violence on the reentering population. The second introduces basic trauma-informed questions advocates can use in their intakes processes, in order to determine if sexual trauma is a challenge their clients want help to address.


Supplemental Questions about Sexual Violence

This is a set of three tip sheets that explain how reentry agencies can ask basic, trauma-informed questions to their clients in order to determine if sexual violence is an issue they want to address. These tips sheets work in conjunction with the Returning and Healing training curriculum.

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Published on:
June 5, 2020
Resource Type:
Report, Toolkit
Communities of Focus:
Individuals with incarceration histories
Intended Audience:
Advocates, Other