Leo Martinez

Training and Technical Assistance Lead: Limited English Proficiency and Immigrant Communities
Project Manager at Casa de Esperanza - National Latin@ Network

Leo Martinez is a technical assistance lead for the National Resource Center for Reaching Victims and is responsible for leading the NRC’s work around survivors with Limited English Proficiency and immigrant survivors . He collaborates with other national partners to inform the framework, advise the process, organize some of the initiatives and activities and provide support to other stakeholders within the resource center. He provides training and technical assistance to coalitions, organizations, advocates and grassroots community activists conducting activities with victims of crime in underserved communities.

He is a Project Manager with Casa de Esperanza – National Latin@ Network, which is a national Technical Assistance provider organization and is recognized as the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence in the Latin@ community. He is also the co-founder and past President of Latino LinQ, an Atlanta based non-profit organization providing support services to Latin@s of any sexual orientation and any gender identity. Prior to Casa de Esperanza, Leo worked as a Consultant for the Georgia Commission on Family Violence. He is a faculty member of the Georgia Victim Assistance Academy, a project of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council of Georgia. With Casa de Esperanza, he coordinates Training and Technical Assistance for a variety of projects and topics that includes or have included: Enhancing Services for Male Survivors, Translating Justice, Language Access planning, Cultural Responsiveness, Latin@ Realities, and Domestic Violence Homicide Prevention Initiative.

Leo has worked for many years as an advocate in the community with Latin@, Immigrant and LGBTQI survivors of violence. He holds degrees in Early Childhood Education from his country of origin (Argentina) and in Psychology and Human Services from Clayton State University in Morrow, GA. He was named Grand Marshall by the Atlanta Pride organization in 2016 for his work with the LGBTQ community of Georgia.