How Advocates, Law Enforcement, and Attorneys Can Meet the Accommodation Needs of Crime Victims with Disabilities

People with disabilities and Deaf people are victims of violent crime at three times the rate of people without disabilities. They also experience some of the greatest obstacles to accessing justice and healing services. These barriers make it difficult, if not impossible, to fully participate in the legal system or heal from the trauma they’ve experienced. An important way to increase access to justice, safety, and healing opportunities is by providing people with accommodations.


Just Ask: A Toolkit to Help Advocates, Attorneys, and Law Enforcement Meet the Needs of Crime Victims with Disabilities was created in response to conversations with advocates and criminal justice professionals, many of whom are open to asking about accommodations, but don’t know how and are worried about saying the wrong thing. This webinar provides an overview of the vision for the toolkit, illuminates key components, and leaves participants with a roadmap for next steps for their organization.


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Published on:
May 15, 2020
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Advocates, Attorneys, Law Enforcement Officers