Tips for Helping Trauma Survivors During COVID-19

During a public health crisis, the survivors you serve need your support even more. COVID-19 is an uncontrollable threat and is raising fear and anxiety. As advocates, you can help survivors manage these fears and help them cope with the added anxiety this crisis brings up. To help you help survivors, we’ve developed a few infographics and a compilation of tips that survivors may find useful. We’ve written these with the survivor as the audience. Feel free to distribute these infographics and utilize the tip sheet as needed. You cut and paste these tips into emails, text, and message apps. You can also use these to create your own fact sheets.


  • Helping Survivors Cope During COVID-19: Tip sheet for advocates to help survivors cope with the fear and anxiety of COVID-19.


  • Healthcare Guide During a Crisis: Survivors of violence, especially those who’ve survived child sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, or sexual assault, can find visiting the doctor or going to a health clinic really challenging. The chaos of waiting areas, emergency rooms and the vulnerability of being sick can combine to make these experiences anxiety producing and triggering. There are steps survivors can take to make accessing healthcare a little easier. This guide is to help survivors prepare should they need care due to COVID-19.


  • Recommendations for Self Care: Self-care Infographic for advocates helping survivors during the COVID-19 health crisis.


  • Grounding Techniques: Infographic on grounding techniques for advocates helping survivors experiencing fear and anxiety during the COVID-19 crisis.


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April 20, 2020
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