michael munson

Training and Technical Assistance Co-Lead, LGBTQ
Executive Director at FORGE, Inc.

michael munson is the project lead for the LGBTQ focus area of the National Resource Center for Reaching Victims. He is responsible for overseeing all deliverables under this focus area, as well as directly contributing to individual projects and providing training and technical assistance.

Munson is the co-founder of FORGE, an organization focused on improving the lives of transgender and non-binary survivors of violence by building stronger connections, providing resources, and empowering growth through knowledge. FORGE’s primary method of increasing the resilience of transgender and non-binary survivors is through providing trauma-informed, engaging, and responsive training and technical assistance to victim service providers and allied professionals.

He has served as FORGE’s Executive Director since 1994. His educational background is in psychology, with an emphasis on trauma-informed care and nontraditional healing modalities. Munson has written and coauthored dozens of articles, guides, book chapters, and surveys about transgender survivors of sexual violence and intimate partner violence, both for victim service professionals and as self-help tools for transgender survivors and loved ones. His work on violence against transgender, gender nonconforming, and non-binary individuals stresses the intersectionality of complex components of identity, experience, and societal constructs that can both spur violence as well as catalyze healing for individuals and communities. He is passionate about engaging professionals to embrace these complexities and learn key skills to better serve their clients/constituents.